We all want to be rich and live comfortably. So, what exactly is rich? According to GoBankingRates.com, a person is considered rich when they have $1 million. Next question: What does it take to get there?

A study was done by GoBankingRates.com to find out just how long it would take the average person to accumulate/save $1 million in each state. According to the source if you had and average or median-paying job, had average bills, and made reasonable investments over the years it would take you quite a while to get to the million-dollar mark.

The Worst State

If you were planning on moving soon, you might want to avoid this state, because it's not so good for saving money. It would take you an entire century to save a million dollars in West Virgina. Yep, 100 years!

The Easiest?

If you're looking to get rich quick, look no further than Maryland. If you play your cards right, you could become a millionaire in 25 years. This is the quickest of all the states. If you're wondering why, it's in large part due to the fact that Maryland's median income is close to $86,000.

North Dakota

North Dakota falls somewhere in the middle for millionaire potential. If you want to get to seven figures, you will have to save and invest wisely for about 56 years, according to the source.

If you're not much of a saver and investor, you can always apply to "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire," or try to invent something.



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