I was reading a story this morning where in 2015, members of Girl Scout Troop 34001 went to The Grand Forks City Council to request the city enact an ordinance prohibiting the idling of vehicles for longer than three minutes, or five minutes when the temperature is below freezing.

Strangely enough, today, the mayor doesn't recall that conversation.

Which got me thinking, how long does the average person idle their vehicle to warm it up in the mornings when it's below freezing?

Seems most people have the electric car starters, and some of those only allow your car to idle for a few minutes. Full disclosure, I run my truck so long that when I'm ready to leave, I have to crack the window because it's too hot!

Then you have those people who will run into a store just to pick up something quick, they'll keep their car running, but locked.

I took to Facebook and asked listeners how long they run their cars. Here are some of the responses we received this morning when it was minus 27, and a wind chill of minus 35 in Bismarck.

Jordan Azure:  I usually let mine go for 10 minutes.. I hate a cold steering wheel but if I’m in a rush or late I guess I don’t care if it’s that cold or not, and I don’t ever leave my vehicle on while I run in somewhere unless someone’s in my car!
Wanda L. Meland: Thank heavens for garages, just get in mine and off I go. Babysit for my grandkids so park in their garage too!
Lynn McKay: I let mine run for a couple of minutes when it’s cold outside I used my remote start for the first time in a long time last night-15. I don’t let it idle at stores or anywhere

Thanks to everyone who chimed in! Most of you said you let your car warm up for 15 to 20 minutes before leaving. To our surprise, not many of you let your car idle while running a quick errand.

Stay warm!

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