We've all heard the saying "sick as a dog" right?  Does it apply however when it comes to COVID-19?  Well, yes dogs can get the coronavirus, however according to the CDC, only a few pets have been confirmed to be infected with COVID-19.  To be honest, those numbers could be very low because we are not testing our pets.

Now the good news, much like humans some pets show no signs of sickness even if they do get COVID-19.  The pets that did get sick had very mild symptoms, with no need to run to the vet.  Of cases that have been reported so far, pet owners were able to take care of their pet at home, and none of the animals have died from the virus.

So how can you protect your pet from COVID-19?  Especially if someone in your household gets COVID-19, or if your pet comes in contact with an individual outside of your household that has contracted the virus.  Much like humans, you should keep your dog on lockdown and isolated.  That means no trips to the dog park or even on walks near other people or animals.  You should keep your pet away from other members of your household, including other pets if you have them.  Some things NOT to do to your pets, include using hand sanitizer on them.  Same with chemical disinfectants, alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.  None of these types of products are safe for cats, kittens, dogs, puppies or other pets.  If you do suspect your pet might have COVID-19, contact your vet to determine appropriate steps to help your dog recover fully.

Here's the million dollar question.  Can you get the coronavirus from your pet?  According to the CDC, there's no evidence at this time that animals are significantly spreading COVID-19.  The risk of animals spreading to humans is considered to be very low.  So if somebody in your household does come down with COVID-19, hopefully this information will help keep your pet from getting "sick as a dog" or vice versa.



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