I love the smell of coffee, but don't like the taste.  In fact, you can't really coffee anymore by the time I add enough stuff to it so I can drink it.

My wife and I have very different views on toast.  Her idea of toast is warm, crispy bread.  Toast needs to have a nice golden brown for me.

As far as bacon is concerned...IT'S BACON...I wouldn't care if it were raw!

A new survey by YouGov reveals that 21% of people like black coffee in the morning. Other findings:

- 11% of people like their morning coffee with lots of milk while 10% like it with light milk.

- 1% of people like their morning toast burnt while 58% of people like it 'somewhat' lightly toasted.

- 37% of people like their morning bacon 'somewhat' crispy while 34% like it 'very' crispy. 4% of people like their morning bacon chewy while 1% like it burnt.

- 36% of people like their eggs scrambled in the morning followed by over easy (18%), sunny side up (12%) and hard-boiled (6%)

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