After a basketball tournament in Bismarck, three high school basketball coaches returned home with victories for the team and some sexual assault accusations from a local girl who claimed she was sexually assaulted by several team members.

According to WDAZ, Warwick High School returned home from a Bismarck tournament in January.  After returning home, a girl reported she was sexually assaulted by members of the team after bed check. The coaches conducted a hotel room bed check before lights out and all seemed well around 11:30 p.m.

According to the report, the actions took place when the team left the hotel rooms and took part in inappropriate sexual behaviors the coached were not aware of until they returned home, to Warwick.

The punishments for the chaperones included a three game suspension for Warwick Public Schools head coach Ryan Brown.

Receiving a two game suspension each are Assistant coaches James Day and Rob Lawrence

Locally, Bismarck Police have not decided if charges will be filed local level. The school has reported they have disciplined several student. The extend of the disciplinary action is unknown at the point.

The school district charged, the coaches failed to properly supervise the student athletes.






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