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Don't Lie, We All Do It

Okay, so we all say things we shouldn't. We all let a few curse words slip from time to time. Question: have you ever wondered which ones we're letting slip the most?

Well, it just so happens that a company called Word Tips compiled some data and found out which curse words are being used the most in each state.


In the Country:

The source found that the go-to, favorite swear word in the country is s**t. 15 states had that word as its most-used. The F bomb came in a close second with 13 states having that word as its favorite.

Fun Fact:

The most foul-mouthed state was found to be Georgia. For every thousand tweets there were 48 curse words. I would've guessed New York, if we're being honest -- or an Eastern state, but who knows, maybe that's a media stereotype.

North Dakota:

So North Dakota's guilty pleasure is using the swear word, h*ll. I'm honestly a little surprised by this one. It's a very mild swear, so we have that somewhat wholesomeness going for us.

South Dakota's was found to be the same.

If you want to see the map of each state, Word Tips has each state's labeled. I have to say Iowa and Alaska are the odds ones out. I'm also not sure what's going on in Idaho, but the state's favorite swear word is "Crap."

Call me crazy, but that's not ever a swear. Sure, it's not a nice nor friendly word, but I think calling it a swear is a bit of a stretch.



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