There are many ways we all can share our pride for veterans here in BisMan...

...I personally think this is without a doubt the best way. I had the privilege to talk with Marty Presler this morning at our radio station, he is a huge part of our ND branch of - Western ND Honor Flight  - which serves US military veterans of western ND and is honoring them with a trip to Washington DC In April and possibly October. Here is their mission - to celebrate America's veterans by inviting them to share in a day of honor. To fly veterans from all across western ND to Washington DC to visit the national memorials built in their honor. Here is a part of their itinerary - they will see the changing of the guard ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery, Lincoln Memorial, Korean Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, and WW2 Memorial -  plus a private opening of the National Archives to view the original Constitution and Declaration of Independence. When April rolls around next year, they will hop on a charter flight and begin their trip - right now there are over 250 veterans on the waiting list, and the plane only holds 150, so this is why October will be available as well.

How can you help?

Easy, tonight at the Bismarck Pizza Ranch from 5 pm - 9 pm, YOU are invited to a Community Impact Fundraising Event - To Benefit Western ND Honor Flight  - Pizza Ranch will Donate 10% of your bill, AND if you show them THIS ( either from your phone or this article )...


...they will DOUBLE that 10% - Marty contributes in so many ways, he will be taking the trip out there along with the other vets - I asked him what his own special memories were "I came across a Vietnam vet who when he finally came home, felt alone - nobody reached out to make him feel honored, there were no "Thank you's" for his service - he had this awful dark period of no respect for years until he and other vets were treated to this wonderful service of love, and quickly after felt deserving of such a treatment - he allowed himself to feel honored" - That's a HUGE tribute to Marty, and NOW to YOU for helping out any way you can, like this function tonight - to show with all our hearts our appreciation for their service. The men and women that gave their ultimate sacrifice for our Country to remain free will ALWAYS be on the veterans' and our minds forever.



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