Have you gone from a cool dad to and grumpy old man?  According to a new online poll, It seems like dads lose their cool factor in their early 40s.

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I know I think I'm still somewhat cool, however my 15-year-old-son who's a sophomore at BHS probably disagrees.  So I set out to find when dads actually peak!  Here's what a recent on-line poll had to say:

A new survey asked people for the signs that you've hit "peak dad." Here are the top 10.

1. Laughing at your own bad jokes, 33%.  I have to admit I do this all the time...In fact.  "Did you hear the rumor about butter?  Well, I'm not going to spread it."

2. Busting out bad dance moves, 32%.  I've been doing this since rink dances in my teens.

3. Embarrassing your kids on purpose, 31%.  How can this mean you've peaked?  This is so much fun right?

4. Always manning the grill, 30%.  Nobody touches my grill except me.  This goes without saying.

5. Constantly doing repairs around the house, 30%. Yep, I actually look forward to my trips to Menards on the weekend.

6. Getting excited to go to home improvement stores, 29%.  See number 5.

7. Spending lots of time in "the shed," 28%.  Yep, it's my second man cave.

8. Having "a chair," 28%.  What's wrong with that I say?

9. Taking mid-afternoon naps, 28%.  This I don't do.  In fact I haven't taken a nap since kindergarten going to school in Grand Forks.

10. Wearing cargo shorts, 28%.  Again, what's wrong with cargo shorts?  If Charlie Sheen can get away with it, so can I!

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