Half of people say they've quit a job over a bad boss, according to a new survey.  And for people under 34 it's 54%.

So what makes a bad boss?  As you're sitting in your cubical getting ready for an early season snowstorm in Bismarck, here's the top reasons.

The cardinal sin, according to their subordinates, is playing favorites. That's according to a survey of more than 800 employees conducted by Signs.com, a company that creates customized signage and presentation materials. While 82 percent of men deemed this habit unacceptable, women took greater offense, with 92 percent calling it out (likely because they more frequently experience latent and explicit discrimination at work that keeps them on the outside of such privileged circles.)

Workers were also keen to leave bullying in the schoolyard. Bosses who made informal threats to fire employees were deemed just as bad as those who selected favorites by men, with 82 percent saying this habit was unacceptable. Slightly more woman, 84 percent, agreed.

Gary Radler
Gary Radler

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