Have you ever been parasailing? Most people think of the ocean when they think of parasailing but there's people in North Dakota that go parasailing on our lakes. It's an interesting site to see when you don't see it every day. 

The boats in the ocean have winches that they can raise and lower you whenever they want to. Not everyone has that opportunity to have the winches so some people including some friends of mine rely on the wind. 

I went parasailing this last weekend on New Johns Lake close to Wilton, ND. It was on my bucket list and something I'll remember forever. The wind wasn't the right way so liftoff wasn't the greatest. Once I got in the air it was the greatest site watching the boat pull me and having people waving and yelling to me it was an awesome experience. It's not something us North Dakotans get to see every day because most parasailing is done on the ocean.

After I was done parasailing, they landed me in the water and came over in the boat to pick me up. As soon as I hit the water, I was ready to go up again it was that much fun. I'd encourage anyone that gets the chance to go parasailing to do it. It seems scary, but it's a lot of fun and definitely a memorable experience. What I thought was kind of crazy all of these people from shore are yelling and waving and taking pictures, it was great! Have you gone parasailing? If you get the chance would   you go parasailing? 


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