Have you ever been on a cruise? When things get back to normal will you go on a cruise? I've never been on a cruise but I've been told how much fun they can be. A friend of mine told me he's been on a few and how much fun they are. The cruise ships are like a big city.

The cruise ships have hot tubs, waterparks, basketball courts, buffets, pool tables, shops, bars, and many other amenities. It's crazy to think that they can fit all this stuff on a cruise ship. These cruise ships are like a floating city with all the different things that one can do on a cruise ship. It's crazy to think that one can gamble at the casinos on the cruise ships.

The cruise ships would be a fun time but many are asking the questions when will that industry be able to start up again? I don't think anyone really knows the answer but I think when our lives get back to normal people will be vacationing a lot. A lot of people are sick of being stuck at home or with nothing to do during this pandemic.

I think it would be a fun time to go on a cruise and I have never been on one. I've been told by many that seeing the ship is a breathtaking expirience for many people. It will be something I do hopefully when this covid-19 is over with and things return back to normal.


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