Fargo, West Fargo, Minot & New Town have mask mandates in place.  The city of Grand Forks now has a partial mask mandate that goes into effect today.  According to an article on KVRR-TV,  you will be required to wear a mask in all city owned buildings and properties.  Grand Forks Mayor Brandon Bochenski issued this emergency order last week, and said he took the action ahead of early voting at the Alerus Center which is property of the city.  It's also the site of early voting in Grand Forks.

Grand Forks Mayor Brandon Bochenski is urging businesses and non-profit organizations to encourage the use of masks or face coverings without imposing any requirements.  Previously Mayor Bochenski has been against a mask mandate, adding the city has smart people, that don't need the government telling them what they need to do.

Tensions between pro-mask and anti-mask people are rising as parts of North Dakota backslide towards "Red" on the risk level scale.  It was another record breaking level of coronavirus cases across the state this past weekend.  The death numbers in the state continue increase as well.

According to KX News, during yesterday's (October 21)On October 21st there was a  special City of Bismarck Board of Health meeting with City Commissioners.  There was a discussion about a potential mask mandate. Commissioner Nancy Guy brought it up because of the new "Orange/ High-Risk" status the governor assigned Burleigh County. The motion Commissioner Guy proposed passed and a potential mask mandate will be discussed at the upcoming commission meeting on tomorrow on October 27th.  The Mayor of Bismarck Steve Bakken has been on the record against a city wide mask mandate.  Something tells me the heat in the kitchen could change things after tomorrows meeting.  I guess we'll see.



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