Thanks to a "super" El Nino, we've been experiencing one of our mildest winters in decades in North Dakota.

So much so, that people have been playing golf in January in North Dakota on a few select courses.  We have virtually no snow in Bismarck Mandan, and although it looks cooler or closer to average temperatures for the rest of February in North Dakota, spring-like weather is right around the corner.

Just take a look at this extended temperature outlook for Bismarck Mandan in March and April.


March is a month when we typically can see a snowstorm or two.  The long-range weather forecast does show a potential system in the middle of the month, but other than that, it doesn't look like any major winter events.

April looks warm, with plenty of 50s and it does appear we could be going into a more wet pattern (April showers do bring May flowers).

According to NOAA, we will be transitioning into a La Nina weather pattern by summer.

In fact, the seasonal prediction models have issued La Nina watch beginning sometime this summer for the northern hemisphere and it will likely stick around for the remainder of the year.

What does a La Nina weather pattern typically mean for North Dakota?

Plain and simple, colder temperatures and more precipitation.  That could mean a snowy and very cold winter coming our way in 2024-2025.

In the meantime, enjoy our El Nino weather pattern for the rest of the spring of 2024.  El Nino typically means warmer weather for North Dakota, and that has certainly been the case this winter.  Enjoy it.

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