I don't know about you, but cemeteries creep me out. 

I know these final resting destinations are supposed to be peaceful places.  All I know, I've seen enough videos on the Travel Channel to show me otherwise.  Looks like a place where things bump in the night.

I'm pretty sure I will not be spending eternity with a bunch of dead people I don't know.

Yep, my final wishes will not include being buried in a cemetery.  I just don't see the point.  Spending all that money, for a place where virtually nobody ever goes to visit you anyway.  I would rather be sprinkled in areas where my family might actually think about me.  Like at our lake, hunting spots, and other special memory spots.  Alright, I'm done being morbid.

Getting back to the oldest cemetery in all of North Dakota.

Reader's Digest has an article on the subject, and it just so happens that North Dakota's oldest cemetery is also one of the oldest cities in the state.  I recently wrote a story on the cities in North Dakota that has been around the longest.  You can read all about that here.

Now, for the oldest cemetery in North Dakota.  It lies in the 2nd oldest city in all of North Dakota.  I'm speaking of the Walhalla Cemetery in Walhalla, North Dakota.   Most of the graves are from 1852 or 1854.  Some of the inscriptions you might come across would read like "Mrs. Cornelia Leonard Spencer.  Killed by Indians on August 30th, 1854."  Many of the deceased in this graveyard were missionaries.

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