The headlines of this story haven't been officially confirmed yet....

....but I'm going to guess after the "TIMBER" sound effects died away, Adrian Peterson has been already thinking about a new line of work, like maybe alligator wrestling. I wrote about this back in June, Adrian Peterson who spent most of his career playing running back for the Minnesota Vikings had agreed to fight Le'Veon Bell ( another ex-National League Football player ) - an actual boxing match. This of course would be a heavyweight exhibition, but would this maybe lead to a new career for Adrian? Anything is possible. This would definitely be something that would raise the eyebrows of many sports fans in general.

A good portion of his career was filled with unwanted publicity, caused by Adrian's own actions

Seemed like just yesterday when Peterson was in the news not for his on-the-field heroics. Back in 2014, he was charged with reckless or negligent injury to a child ( He wound up being suspended for the rest of the season ) - Fairly recently he was arrested back in February at the LAX airport - the airport police received a call concerning possible domestic violence onboard an aircraft.

Banc of California Stadium in Los Angeles Saturday Night

So here we go, Adrian Peterson, seven years older than Le'Veon Bell, stepped into the ring for a 5 round heavyweight bout - would this be the start of something amazing? Would we see Adrian one day in the near future, as the World Champion boxer? Would he raise a belt ( a different kind ) into the air? Ummm I don't think so.....

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