The Bismarck High Demons may have just scored the fastest goal in North Dakota High School hockey history.

Flashback: It happened about two years ago on Saturday, January 15th, 2022 in Bottineau, North Dakota and they did it at least a second quicker than the fastest NHL goal to start a game.  More on the Demon's goal in a moment.

The fastest goal in NHL history is:05 seconds and It's shared by 3 players according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

One of the players ironically has ties to North Dakota.  Doug Smail, a former winger for the University of North Dakota while playing for the Winnipeg Jets scored a goal 5 seconds into the game vs the St. Louis Blues back on December 20th, 1981.

John Trottier from the New York Islanders also scored a goal 5 seconds into the game vs the Boston Bruins back on March 22nd in 1984.  The most recent person to score a goal 5 seconds to start a game is Russian, Alexander Mogilny from the Buffalo Sabers vs the Toronto Maple Leafs back in 1991.

So, it's only happened 3 times and the last time somebody scored in 5 seconds to start a game was 33 years ago.

As you can see, quick goals like these are not a common occurrence.

Believe it or not, this whole play was orchestrated by Bismarck and something the Demons practice.

The Bismarck Demons center Owen Haase took the faceoff, pushed the puck forward, and tied up the opposing center.  Sr. Forward winger Hunter Acker then raced to the puck and carried it just inside the blue line and decided to take a long shot.  Acker said, "The plan was to shoot early and often and it just went in."

The Bottineau goaltender may have been screened by his defensemen.  When Acker went back to the bench, his coach Tyler Richter told him, "You might just have a record there."

I asked the official North Dakota High School hockey statistician Bob Gillen if that was a record? 

He told me they only have a record for "the fastest goal to start a game" in the state tournament.  He did add however, he's never seen a goal that quickly to start a high school game before in North Dakota.

Now the clock in Bottineau showed 5 seconds had come off the clock.  However, if you watch the video, you can see the goal is clearly scored at 4 seconds at the most and maybe even less.  You be the judge.  Here's that goal.  Congrats to the Bismarck Demons for doing something extraordinary.

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