According to an article on KX News, residents of rural Burleigh County are being asked to limit water usage.  This includes watering your lawn or any excess water usage.  Emergency repairs are being made to a water treatment plant after an accidental cut in a power line at the Burleigh County Water Treatment Plant.  This happened sometime early this morning.

South Central Regional Water District made an official announcement around 11 am Wednesday.  South Central Regional Water District serves people outside of Bismarck in rural Burleigh County.

The company says the water restrictions should be temporary and will hopefully be lifted sometime Thursday.  This is good news if your lawn is as brown as mine and the sandburs are starting to take over.

Rain continues to be almost non existing in Bismarck Mandan.  We officially received point .06 at Bismarck airport last night.  Where I live south of Lincoln in rural Burleigh county, I think it was more like a few drops.  As I didn't even notice wet pavement when I left for work early this morning.  I did however see a few puddles on the Bismarck Expressway near the bridge, so that part of Bismarck may have received a little more.  We continue to be well below normal precipitation for the year.  We are currently at just over 6 inches of rain for the year.  Normal for this time of year is over 12 inches.  That's a HUGE deficit.  I'm surprised the crops around town look so good.  No doubt our excess moisture from last year is helping out.  This time last year we were at over 14 inches already for the year.



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