This is the time of year many hunters live for, the opening weekend of deer season.

Brian Bahr /Getty
Brian Bahr /Getty

Many hunters are loading up their trucks and gear and getting ready for the strike of 12 p.m., Friday November 10. The season will officially open for gun hunting in North Dakota.

Speaking to a few hunters at a local sporting goods store Thursday afternoon in Bismarck, they are excited. Two of the three men I spoke to were lucky enough to get a tag in the lottery. Some of their concerns for the season are, if the the summer drought effect the deer population. The other concern is about a epizootic hemorrhagic disease that may have effected some of the population in the state.

Despite those concerns, these three guys are excited and are heading out before daybreak to make the 120 mile trip to their leased land. Between the three of them, they spent well over $508 on gear and ammunition, and said it was well worth it. If things are slow, they hope to spook a couple of pheasants. The three buddies say they plan to utilize every day of the 16 day season until they get their prize.

It's an annual vacation for the three guys from Bismarck.

For information on the season, click the Game and Fish website.

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