The holidays are upon us, so the need to drink is great. Just kidding... mostly. What is the popular drink among all our friends and family members?

A survey was doe to find the answer to that very question. looked at Google Trends data to find what drink people are looking up the most, not just in our state, but across the country. Here's what it found.

While most of us go for eggnog around the holidays, there are tons of other holiday drinks you might want to give a try instead (because eggnog is ewww).



I know you're wondering why I'm starting with Kansas. Here's why: This state's favorite holiday "Drink" is the Jell-o shot. What?! As a former jello shot girl, myself, I'm concerned. Things may be getting a little too wild over in Kansas around the holidays.


South Dakota

Our sister from another mister state's favorite drink is a classic -- the Moscow Mule. This is more known to be a summer drink, but South Dakotans don't care; they're doing it. This is a vodka, ginger beer, served in a shiny bronze mug.

North Dakota

North Dakotans have a little style and class. Our most popular drink is the White Chocolate Peppermint Vodka drink. It consists of peppermint schnapps, white chocolate liqueur, whipped cream, and crushed candy canes.



Shout out to Alabama for keeping it simple. Their favorite drink is Hot chocolate and Kahlua. -- This is one I can get down. Drinks with milk products, not so much.

No matter what your drink of choice is, let's hope it makes your holiday merry and bright.

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