North Dakota Challenge:  Visit all of the 10 Smallest Towns in North Dakota.

To be honest, I had only heard of 5 or 6 of these.  So, I'm sincerely curious.  How many of my listeners have been to any of these towns?  Better yet, how many people actually have heard of any of these towns or actually know where they are located in the state?  Challenge excepted?

North Dakota is not for everybody, and that's why there's plenty of wide open spaces. 

However, there's so much beauty if you take the time to look for it.  The Badlands to the Red River Valley and everywhere in between.  These 10 smallest towns in North Dakota are spread out throughout the state.  All of the population estimates come from the United States Census Bureau via the World Population Review.

What's ironic about these 10 towns, is that they all have a population of 10 or under.

Most do not have any sort of an operating business.  Pretty close to ghost towns.  Small town living with maybe a neighbor or two.

There's actually been some movement in the 10 smallest from last year.  Some new entries and a couple of towns that fell into "ghost town" status.  Ruso for example, actually picked up a couple of new people (they've gone from 1 person to 3).

So let's get to it.  These are the 10 Smallest Towns in the Roughrider State. Giddy up ya'll.  Let's enjoy some small-town charm where they don't have to suffer through a summer of road construction like we just did in Bismarck Mandan.  AMEN!

The 10 Smallest Towns in North Dakota for 2023!


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