Raise your hand if you're a parent and running out of things to do with your kids.  A little bit of relief is coming your way.  For those of you who attended the Capital City Christmas' "Breakfast With Santa", "Community Tree Lighting", "Christmas Mingle" or the "Mayor's Gala" held in Bismarck, thank you for your generosity.  The first project from this group, developed to support the arts and humanities in Bismarck, is now coming forward.  It couldn't happen at a better time for parents who may be running out of activities for their elementary aged kids.  Our US 103.3 and Townsquare Media news partner, KFYR-TV, did a great story on the project.  Click the following link to see the story:  CAPITAL CITY CHRISTMAS 

Education Minister Chris Hipkins Announces Funding For Primary Schools In Auckland
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The Capital City Christmas Committee assembled 1200 art kits for elementary aged students and they will be distributed Wednesday morning, March 25th starting at 11:00.  The kits are available on a first come basis as parents are picking up lunches at 7 of the Bismarck Public elementary schools.

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