According to a press release from Bismarck Public Schools, the school district has created a new position within its structure.

Congrats to Amanda Meier, as she was hired as Bismarck Public School's first-ever, Learning Design and Innovation Director.

This position is a newly created role intended to focus on directing learning, designing systems, and promoting innovation.  This is a mission of the school district to empower every learner to thrive.

Meier comes to Bismarck Public Schools with a wealth of experience.

She began her teaching career in Phoenix, Arizona where she was named the 2014 Arizona Rodel Aspiring Principal of the Year.  Meier has been teaching North Dakota for the past nine years at Lewis and Clark Elementary School in Mandan, North Dakota.

She was recently recognized as the Principal of the Year by the North Dakota Association of Elementary Principals for her work at Lewis and Clark Elementary.

She received her teaching degrees at Minot State University with a Bachelor's in Elementary Education and received her Master's in Educational Leadership from Grand Canyon University.

Meier's husband also works with Bismarck Public Schools.

Jon, her husband is a leader in the Renew (ED) program with the school district.  Together they have two children.  Outside of work, they enjoy traveling together and spending time with their children.

Meier will fully assume her duties for her new role with Bismarck Public Schools during the summer.

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