I was just talking the other day about how we can stay positive through all these crazy times, and in my opinion, doing what you can to help others less fortunate is one terrific way. We sometimes lose sight of the little things and that just a simple donation can mean so much - for example, the traditional red kettle and the ringing bells of the Salvation Army. The smiley faces of the volunteers camped just outside our local stores during Christmas time, is ALWAYS a blessing. Watching people dig deep and throwing some coins in the slot might not seem like a big deal to you, but the money gathered is used for services all over town.

According to The Bismarck Tribune, the Salvation Army, prior to the past holiday season, was attempting to raise $200,000 dollars in their annual kettle drive but fell short -  bringing in a total of $117,000. That is quite amazing, considering that they were short-handed with a lack of helpers, and the cold reality of not so many folks out and about shopping during these pandemic times. Those numbers that I mentioned may have been shy of their target, but check this out - online donations and other sources racked up a lofty total Bismarck-area goal of $400,000! One of the workers that have put in 38 years of greeting people with the Army, has noticed that when the economy seems to be in a lull, donations trend upward. SO remember that next year when you are just dropping four quarters into the kettle, or sending off an online gift of $5.00 dollars, YOU do make a difference.


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