Have you ever seen a Nokota horse up close?

There is a film coming out that explores the beautiful Nokota horses in North Dakota. A labor of love,  over two years in the making. According to the bismarcktribune.com "Ejaz Khan has made a feature film that he hopes will help save the Nokota horses in North Dakota". Khan who lives in New York has devoted his time and energy to preserving these amazing animals. The North Dakota prairie was Khan's "Canvas", his backdrop for some incredible photography.

A rancher near Linton, North Dakota eased Khan into the Nokota family

Frank Kuntz is a rancher, who lives near Linton, North Dakota. He introduced his friend Khan to his Nokota horses. Without Kuntz by his side, Ejaz ventured out onto the 6,000-acre patch of land and hoped to be accepted by the horses. Kuntz and his late brother have made it their life mission to save the Nokota horses. He has been at it for over 30 years. "The nonprofit Nokota Horse Conservancy is also working to save the breed" reported the bismarcktribune.com.

The "Vanishing Knowledge" premiers tomorrow and runs through the weekend

Khan's two-year project "Vanishing Knowledge" premiers in three showings starting tomorrow night, and through the weekend. Admission is free. The storyline is based on Kuntz and his experiences with the Nokota horses. Here are the times and places the movie will be shown. Friday at St. Mary’s Central High School, 5802 Ridgeland Drive in Bismarck at 6 pm. You can reserve your own seat for the 2 pm Saturday and Sunday shows at the Heritage Center by clicking here. Do yourself a favor and go see this film, you will marvel at the beauty, grace, and strength the Nokota horses possess.

Vanishing Knowledge/ The Nokota Horses YouTube

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