New scam alert.

A Bismarck teen's Gate City Bank account was hacked into yesterday.  This one hits especially close to home since it was my son's account.  I spoke to a representative at Gate City Bank yesterday and apparently, this has been happening around the state.  Don't let this happen to you.

It all started with someone or something hacking into my kid's bank account.

How they were able to do that is beyond me.  My son rarely uses his check card online.  He doesn't even have an online login for his account.  According to Mudd, here are 5 ways hackers can get into your bank account.  One of these was likely the culprit in my son's case.  Read about those here.

After they got into the account they did a 7 cent withdrawal to cryptocurrency.

That went through.  The hackers then tried to do a $2,000 dollar withdrawal.  That did not go through due to insufficient funds.  Up next both my son and I received automated telephone calls saying there's been fraudulent activity to his Gate City Bank account.  The recording sounded legit.  The recording had my son's name on it and said if you are him press 1, otherwise press 2.  I did neither and immediately called Gate City Bank.  This is where it gets scary.  The bank representative told me, on that call they would've tried to find out exactly how much money is in the account, so they could've tried it again and wiped it out.  The Gate City Bank representative then closed my son's account and we had to go into the bank and open a new one.

YIKES, it's not like my son had a whole lot of money in that account, but it sure opened our eyes.  My son is out 7 cents but it could've been way worse.  This could happen to anybody.  Don't let this happen to you.


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