Tired of the online dating scene?

Have you been swiping right only to find out your potential love interest is really an "Only Fans" girl?  (I'm still trying to get my $500 bucks back from that one)

Then maybe you should go back in time and kick it ol' school and try speed dating again.

Speed dating really became a thing back in the 90s & 2000s and now it's resurfaced again in the Capital City.  More on our Bismarck Event in a second.

If you're not familiar with "speed dating" the concept is really simple.

You get a good number of single males and single females together at a certain location.  You would typically have to pre-register ahead of time.

Numerous tables would be set up at the venue typically with a single female.  Guys would get a certain amount of time at each table (typically 5 minutes) and then move on to the next table and female.

After each date, each single will mark on a card if they’d like to meet that person again, with the hope being that if you chat to someone you like, they will also want to go on a date with you too.

Typically then,  when you get home you can log into your account and choose the people you would like to see again, if the other person does the same then it’s a match and you can contact each other via our online.  In other events, you do the reveal of who matches up with each other at the end of the speed dating event.

Sound like fun?  Now, you can date up to 30 singles at one time in Bismarck.

The Jousting Lemur
The Jousting Lemur

Looks like you must pre-register for this event at the Jousting Lemur in Bismarck at 514 East Main.  You can do so here.

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