Bismarck Parks & Rec Knocks It Out Of The Park...Literally!  If you frequent the Cottonwood Park Complex in South Bismarck, you will have noticed a lot of construction taking place.  The Park District first broke ground on April 23rd of last year on what was a great private public partnership to expand the facilities.  Originally, Cottonwood Park encompassed 89.3 acres of farmland that has grown to 230 acres packed full of outdoor activities.

There are 2.94 miles of trail winding through the park, an urban fishing pond, open fields for soccer, bocce, lacross, flag football, cross country, a BMX racing track, a youth baseball diamond (Haaland Field), four playgrounds, concessions, four picnic shelters and of course 20 softball diamonds.

Now for the expansion, with the primary focus being on the youth fields.  One of the fastest growing sports in our community has been girls fast pitch softball, but they have been shuffled around town on fields that were made to fit the sport.  The girls needed their own home and now they have one.  Besides the new softball diamonds, connecting trails, added parking, two more picnic shelters and two more playgrounds, the Cottonwood Park Complex now boasts an expanded youth complex featuring two lighted fields, more concessions, restrooms, ticket booth and a press box and grandstand that is an awesome place to watch the game from.  Lighted scoreboards keep you up on the games and all of the dugouts are covered.

Finally, girls fast pitch softball has a home in Bismarck and the entire expanded youth complex as well as the entirety of the new and expanded Cottonwood Park Complex is something that stacks up against any facility in the state or region.  The entire community should be proud of what Bismarck Parks & Rec, along with many community partners have built.  Bismarck Parks & Rec Have Knocked It Out Of The Park!


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