The University of Wisconsin women's hockey team was honored at the Milwaukee Brewers Baseball game on Saturday.

Bismarck St. Mary's graduate and star of the University of Wisconsin women's hockey team Britta Curl was asked to throw out the first pitch of the game between the Milwaukee Brewers and the Cincinnati Reds.

Here's the video of North Dakota's Britta Curl showing off her arm.

I have to give Britta credit for going all the way to the pitcher's mound and rubber.  Most people who throw out the first pitch at a ball game tend to stay on the grass in front of the mound.  This shows what an athlete she is.

Although her fastball was just a bit outside, a solid effort from the pride of Bismarck St. Mary's.  Baseball and hockey have always seemed to go hand in hand.  A couple of sports that certainly complement each other with a need for a strong hand, eye coordination.

Britta Curl is now on a very short list of people from the state of North Dakota that have ever thrown out the first pitch at a Major League Baseball game.

Britta's Wisconsin women's hockey team was honored in Milwaukee for their National Championship win over Ohio State 1-0 to capture their 7th title earlier this year.

Britta had a very impressive 4th season with the Badgers, scoring 19 goals during the 2022-2023 season and adding 23 assists for a total of 42 points.

Major League Baseball is on its All-Star break this week, and the All-Star game will take place tonight in Seattle.

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