Boy, you talk about going out and doing something that very few people get a chance or even think about trying, this is it. David Sterna and a 'friend' of his just accomplished something pretty special - living a bit of history so to speak.

An incredible 276-mile journey

According to "David Sterna and his buckskin quarter horse Vegas are back in Mandan after a long journey. They took to the Bismarck-Deadwood trail and traveled 276 miles" - this same trail was used during the late 1880s and David set out to explore what it was like back then - he and his trusty horse.

“The trail end, the historical end, was something I always wanted to do is to see what the prairie was like in the late 1800s,”

Sterna relayed that to, adding that the days he and Vegas were out on the trail, the weather was a factor - with searing heat. “It was 102 degrees, and I was at a dam, and I should have stayed there..." David did not take a break and pressed on, unfortunately, he suffered a mild stroke.

Did that end his trip?

Certainly not - Sterna reached the end after 13 days of riding - mile after mile he and Vegas tackled together, and the beauty of the trail and Dakota scenery never stopped. “The birds singing every morning, the hawks in the sky, the eagles, it was just peaceful,” reported.

This story makes you stop and think

We all have such busy lives, get up and go to work five days a week, a short weekend that seems to last like 2 seconds, and then repeat the process - months go by, and before you know it dreams that we may have had never seemed to play out. David Sterna broke his pattern of life and went out and fulfilled his journey. Simply put, inspiring and awesome!

Chief Thunder Bear



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