What would your guess be as the "Greatest Prize Of All" - Money, A Car?

No, I'm not being over dramatic on this. I already know what the Bismarck Larks have planned for all of BisMan this summer, my opinion is that THIS is the "Greatest Prize Of All" - so with that said, what would you guess it is? Money maybe? I have to admit that would solve a ton of life's problems - how about a new sports car? ( well our weather out here will only allow you to enjoy it for so many months )  - How about a cruise around the world? THIS is better, trust me.

What the Bismarck Larks have planned for you is a "Gift from God"...

...that's the best way I can describe it. Listen all you baseball umpires out there, this was not an idea aimed your way, ok? Have you ever thought about getting your eyes done through the Lasik Procedure? When I lived in San Diego back in 2000, for my birthday, I had my eyes done for free - I went from someone who was so near-sighted, I HAD to wear contacts in order to drive. In just 20 minutes tops, I was given the gift of 20-20 vision. Check this statistic out - Over 700,000 people in the United States undergo LASIK surgery every year. Over 90% of patients achieve 20/40 vision or better as a result of LASIK, making it one of the most successful elective surgeries on the market.

On July 24th, your life could change forever.

This is the real deal, On July 24, a lucky winner will attend the Larks game against the Waterloo Bucks (6:35 PM) and test their eyesight. After their eye checkup, they’ll visit Dakota Eye Institute to get their LASIK procedure. On August 7, we’ll bring that lucky fan back to the ballpark to show off their new eyesight. Enter to win the free LASIK giveaway here: https://northwoodsleague.com/bismarck-larks/free-lasik-giveaway/

As I said THIS is a Gift From God AND the Bismarck Larks/ Dakota Eye Institute -DON"T MISS THIS!


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