It's a sign of the times we live in, and Bismarck is not immune to possible terrorist events. The Bismarck Airport was closed Saturday afternoon due to a suspicious package.

The first call went to Bismarck Police about 4 Saturday afternoon, by 430 pm, Bismarck PD was on scene with K-9 and the bomb squad.

Not only was the airport closed to incoming passengers for departing flights, the airport was also closed to incoming flights. A lady by the name of Connie was coming into Bismarck from Alaska to visit family. She was unable to depart off her plane for two hours while officials examined the suspicious package. Connie said they were given cookies, coffee and light snacks while waiting to deplane. The entire plane was unaware of the circumstances inside the airport or on why they could not get off the plane, but she said the mood was very light inside the plane. She was finally able to walk off the plane by 430pm.

According to KFYR-TV, the suspicious package was found inside of someone's luggage.

Officials determined the package was not an explosive device, anything illegal or dangerous.

By 7:15 pm, the airport was back to normal.

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