As you probably heard, the Fargo, North Dakota school board recently stopped reciting the Pledge of Allegiance prior to all school board meetings.

According to several news outlets, the Fargo School Board feels the Pledge of Allegiance runs counter to their district's philosophies.  They say the word God is capitalized, which clearly means the Judeau Christian God.  Since the pledge doesn't include other Gods for other faiths or agnostics or atheists it should be considered a non-inclusionary act.

The board went on to say the texts in the Pledge of Allegiance are not true as we are not "one nation under God."  We are one nation under many different Gods or no God."

The news of this decision didn't go over too well with a lot of people across the state of North Dakota and gained National attention.

It also caught the attention of National recording act Big & Rich who played a concert at The Lights in West Fargo, North Dakota last Thursday.  The band decided to call out the Fargo School Board and have the crowd recite the National Anthem prior to the concert.  Here's the video of that from the show courtesy of Chris Berg Show's Facebook Page.

At the end of the pledge, one of the band members told the crowd, "Take that commie school board."  They also added they hope that some real people step up and take over those school board openings in the future because the current board members have no business being there.

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