Johnny Collier will be back at the Lonesome Dove this week 9-8-20 through 9-13-20. Johnny Collier makes a long trek from Muscle Shoals, Alabama to the Lonesome Dove in Mandan, North Dakota. Johnny Collier currently has the number one song on The Fan Voted Chart with Never Really Famous and this is the 12th week of it being number one.

Johnny Collier also has another song in the top ten with Honey For Hire. He's trying to get Honey For Hire in the number one spot. Johnny Collier plays a few times a year at the Lonesome Dove and it's always a great show. It's nice that the Lonesome Dove still has shows during the Covid-19 pandemic. Johhny's band is a three piece band including the drummer, bass guiter and Johnny the singer and guitar player. Johnny also plays the fiddle and the last time I saw him play he played that fiddle so well and hard the strings almost broke.

Johnny Collier travels the United States playing in a lot of different venues. I've seen the band a handful of times and they are great. What I think is awesome is Johnny can play anything from classic rock, rock, country to the oldies. Johnny's shows at the Lonesome Dove are Tuesday through Sunday from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. He takes a couple breaks in between sets but for the most part plays that whole time. My favorite song I had the band play for me was Drift Away by Dobie Grey.


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