Back To School-What Parents Have To Worry About Now!  With school set to start back up next week, parents have been raising a lot of concerns.  I want to preface this with a statement of praise to all of our community's school superintendents, teachers, administrators, support staff, school boards and anyone else that I may have missed who have been working hard to get the kids back to school.  The decisions and protocols have not been easy and no matter what their decisions, half of the parent will thinks it's the wrong one.

100% distance learning or a hybrid, a hybrid or face to face in the classroom.  And what would a classroom look like?  Smaller numbers of students, masks or no masks, petitions or dividers separating student from on another and the teacher, cleaning and sanitizing facilities, lunch room protocols...these are just some of the issues that educators have been dealing with in a pandemic.

Now let's get to what parents have concerns will my child be socially distanced, will they have to wear a mask or not, transportation, school lunches, athletics, what do I do for child care in a hybrid or distance learning scenario, will my employer be understanding or will I have to quit my job because there is no daycare.  These are only the tip of the iceberg when you start looking at what is running through parents' minds.

Whether your a parent or educator, the key to making this situation work is cooperation.  However, there is one more thing to factor into the equation, the kids.  I don't think it's asking too much (but I may be wrong) that the kids need to step up as well and help make this whole back to school thing work.  The alternative to having classes isn't an option.  So parents, ask a little more from your children and kids, try to be on your best behavior and don't pull crap like this:

High School Students Stream Adult Films During Zoom Classes: The Atlanta-Journal Constitution says the Henry County, Georgia police are warning students to stop streaming adult content during Zoom classes. The warning came after an unspecified "isolated incident" in one of the county's schools. Authorities say students could face criminal charges if they are caught showing illicit images to fellow students or teachers.  Atlanta attorney B.J. Bernstein says, "There are plenty of pranks — and juvenile courts are at times filled with young people, who think they are pulling a prank and it's funny. And in fact, they're breaking the law."

So please, everyone work together so that our kids can have school and athletics and friends and memories that last years Seniors had taken away.  Kids, please give your parents one less thing to worry about.



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