Baylee Bjorge is no stranger to celebrities.  In fact, when she went to her Senior prom at Grand Forks Central High School a couple of years back, she was escorted by Brock Boeser.  Brock was one of the University of North Dakota's most popular and best hockey players at the time.  Boeser is now playing hockey in the National Hockey League for the Vancouver Canucks.  Baylee by the way was the prom queen.

To be honest, Baylee is basically a celebrity in her hometown of Grand Forks.  She is also a tremendous sports fan and athlete.  Baylee comes from a very athletic family.  She regularly competes in the North Dakota Special Olympics.  I remember one year in Minot, my son's hockey team and all the parents went over to the Bowl to watch Baylee's basketball team play.  She is such a competitor and it really showed that day.  She was the best player out there, and the cheers for Baylee were almost deafening in the standing-room-only gym.

Something I didn't know about Baylee is that she is a fan of the TV show "The Bachelorette."  Apparently, Baylee had her eye on one of the contestants on the show named Logan Palmer.  She messaged Logan on Instagram and got a response back.  Here's what Logan had to say to Baylee.

Awwww, pretty sweet message back to a sweet girl.  As it turns out Logan was eliminated from the Bachelorette last night.  Not because he didn't get a rose, but apparently he came down with COVID-19 during the taping of the show.  Thankfully, It looks like Logan is doing well now.

Here's Baylee with another celebrity recently, North Dakota's very own Carson Wentz.  There are really not many people Baylee hasn't met.  As I said, she's kind of a big deal in North Dakota.

Baylee Bjorge Facebook
Baylee Bjorge Facebook


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