It's typical for North Dakota, we have a late winter which stole most of our spring, and now the snow is gone, we now have to be careful with open fires and fire danger.

The Bismarck Fire Department is reminding residents to be careful with open fires, burning of leaves and cooking pits during the current dry weather that we are experiencing.

In a recent memo, the fire department reminds us of the following-

  • Keep recreational fires at least 15 feet from any combustible structures to include buildings, decks, and fences.
  • Have some type of extinguishing material available at all times.
  • Never leave a fire unattended.
  • Use dry, well-seasoned wood. Do not burn garbage, leaves, rubbish, rotten wood or materials that will smoke. If the smoke or odor becomes offensive, you will be required to extinguish the fire.
  • Use a spark arrestor screen to control sparks and embers when provided with the unit.
  • Make sure that the fire is out after having finished enjoying its use. Douse the fire with water or sand and turn with a spade to ensure the fire is cool before leaving. If you have a metal cover or screen, place it over the unit.
  • Never discard ashes into a combustible container or garbage receptacle. Place ashes in a metal container first and then wet thoroughly with water so the ashes are completely cool.
  • Always discard smoking materials in an approved noncombustible receptacle. Never flick a cigarette butt onto the ground, out the window of a vehicle, into a trash can or other combustible type receptacle.
  • If your property borders tall grass and vegetation, use extreme caution when operating gas powered equipment and vehicles. Do not use your fire pit, chiminea, outdoor fire place, or charcoal grill when it is windy or during Very High, Extreme or Red Flag fire conditions.


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