She was a wet one across much of North Dakota for a good share of the day Sunday.

Rain began late Saturday night and lingered until Sunday evening across much of North Dakota.  This was a good shot of moisture for the corn and soybean fields.  Farmers looking to harvest their small grains probably could've done without this latest rain.

Much of the heaviest rain set up over southwest and south central North Dakota.

Grant County received some soaking rains with as much as 3 inches falling near Raleigh.  Same with a small area in Burleigh County south of Lincoln where over 3 inches of rain fell.

Warmer and dryer weather will be the norm for the rest of the week.

High temperatures in Bismarck Mandan will reach the upper 70s to low 80s today.  Then temps will be on the rise for the rest of the week with 80s and 90s in the forecast as we get into the second half of August.  No rain is in the forecast for this week and the wind will be on the increase later in the week.

Here are your area rainfall totals from Sunday, August 13th (according to

Carson had 2.13 inches of rain.

Flasher had 1.31 inches of rain.

Elgin had 1.13 inches of rain.

5 miles west of Raleigh had 3.0 inches of rain.

Wilton had .53 inches of rain.

Bismarck had .55 inches of rain.

Mandan had .68 inches of rain.

5 miles northwest of Mandan had 1.66 inches of rain.

3 miles south of Lincoln had 3.35 inches of rain.

Menoken had .49 inches of rain.

Sterling had .33 inches of rain.

Wing had .58 inches of rain.

Jamestown had .29 inches of rain.

Fargo had .53 inches of rain.

Dickinson had .61 inches of rain.

Minot had .25 inches of rain.

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