The good and bad of Halloween comes out every year

We have all survived another spooky night of Halloween. This year it came on a Sunday night, filled with goblins, ghosts, witches, and unfortunately eggs. The tradition of Halloween has pretty much stayed the same, kids from almost all ages look forward to this day for months. Costumes are either made by a creative mom or store-bought. Neighborhoods come alive with the trick-or-treaters going door to door for their pursuit of candy. Halloween night always shows its ugly side, and this is not something new. Usually, the older, GROWN UP kids get their hands on some eggs, they start scrambling ( yes pun intended ) up some trouble.

The morning after

This morning Mandan woke to temperatures in the low 30s, candy wrappers on the ground, and houses splattered by eggs thrown. Unlike the past, now we have door cams and driveway cameras that can capture vandalism, heck you just never know when and where a lens is filming you.

An open apology letter to Mandan

After logging on to my Facebook page this morning, On a local group page, I came across a letter filled with integrity. I won't mention her name, but after sending back and forth messages, she said it would be okay for me to pass this on. Her son was involved with some mischief last night. "I apologize to the kind folks of Mandan. My kid was one of the ones going around egging houses tonight. Let me know if you have videos. He will go and clean your hours. Please inbox me" Here is where her integrity really shined:

"My kid was not alone in these decisions he made. He knows he messed up.
#1. He did take responsibility for what he did.
#2. For every wrong he has to do 3 rights.
#3. I raised him to know better. Now he needs to fix it. The others should also step up and fix it."

A lucky son to have a mom like that

What a great example of what honesty is all about. To the woman who allowed me to write this, you should be really proud of yourself, and your son.

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