There are several no-brainer things we come to learn while living in North Dakota

When I moved to North Dakota over 8 years ago, one of the first things I heard was "North Dakota Nice" - after a NICE older gentleman told me what that meant, I discovered all about it personally smack dab in the face when I ran out gas In Minot. I was blown away, within literally minutes of standing outside my car alongside the road, I had about 10 people stop and ask me if I needed any help, and about four of those invited me over for dinner. "North Dakota Nice" indeed.

When our city experiences Mother Nature's fury, there is no shortage of people lending a hand

We all saw the many examples of strangers helping strangers last April when we had the blizzard roll in - This is what North Dakota does the best. They pitch in doing whatever they can to make sure their neighbors are safe, like this group I ran across on Facebook. This group is called Bismarck/Mandan Help I'm Stuck! -  you can find them on Facebook - it is a private group, so you can reach out and send them an invite. I'm guessing this will be the smartest thing you can do for yourself.

Huge thanks to all around Bismarck/Mandan that offers their time and efforts to go out in this weather

Amazing groups of people will venture out into nasty weather to help and assist so many that find themselves stuck - again, you are witnessing North Dakotans at their finest, but you already knew that!


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