2020 has been a year for the books.  Today could also be a "record breaker!"  We're expecting a high of 74 degrees today, according to the National Weather Service in Bismarck.  That would smash the previous record of 70 all the way back in 1949.  Why didn't I wear shorts to work today?  If you remember, last year at this time we were already frozen over, and winter had set in for the season.  It ended up being a very mild winter, but October and November were some of our snowiest and coldest months.

We would also beat or tie another record today.  The hottest Election Day ever.  Of course, election day changes every four years, but this could be the warmest day for the first Tuesday in November EVER.  Previous record in Bismarck is 74 degrees. Judging by the political climate right now, a heated election day sounds about right too.  And, I'm talking about the weather.

So record warmth this week.  Check out these expected high's. 72 on Wednesday, 70 on Thursday and 64 on Friday.  We do have an outside shot at tomorrow's all time record as well.  However, we would have to surpass our expected high of 72.  The all time record high in Bismarck for tomorrow is 75

Don't get to used to the heat.  Starting this weekend, changes are expected with cooler weather moving in on Saturday.  Highs in the low 40's and 30's on Sunday. 20's on Monday. YIKES!  Lots of wind with this system and some precipitation is possible too.  We could have a snow event in the state, and right now it looks like the northwest part is most likely to see that.  We could see some rain or snow late Saturday into Sunday in Bismarck.  Stay tuned for updates and the storm could shift.  In the meantime, hit the river and enjoy some bonus Summer weather.



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