Remember the Disney movie The Mighty Ducks?  One of the stars of the original movie is now a presidential candidate.   Brock Pierce who played a "young" Emilio Estevez (Gordon Bombay) in The Mighty Ducks, made a stop in Bismarck on Wednesday, morning.  He's starting a grass roots program for his presidential bid.  Brock Pierce also plans to run in 2024.  Brock was born in Minnesota on November 14th, 1980.

Brock Pierce had coffee this morning with the Mayor of Bismarck Steve Bakken to discuss issues we're facing in North Dakota.  Pierce will then meet with Tribal Leaders  to discuss Native American Affairs, pipeline and local Bismarck issues.   Brock will hold a press conference with American Indian Activist Phyllis Young, and other tribal leaders to discuss the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline.  Pierce, was one of the notable high profile personalities who participated in the protests against the Dakota Access pipeline, will also discuss "resistance personality"  Red Fawn, who will be returning to Bismarck Wednesday (today) after her controversial release from federal prison.  Red Fawn will be returning to the region for the first time since her arrest during the protest in 2016.

Brock is an independent candidate for President of the United States.  Again, he plans to run again in 2024.  Pierce is an acclaimed childhood actor with leading roles in "Mighty Ducks", "Mighty Ducks 2" and "First Kid."  Brock Pierce was named the "Top 20 Richest People in Cryptocurrency" by Forbes Magazine.  He also founded the Internet Gaming Entertainment.  This is the campaign's first official visit to The Peace Garden State.



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