Bismarck is a rather unique NFL football town.  Not one, but three NFL teams garner our attention.  My Vikings are definitely the number one team in town, but there are a lot of Broncos fans and even a fair amount of deranged Green Bay Packer Fans.  Okay, maybe "deranged" is a little harsh, how about "misguided?"

Either way, Green Bay Packer fans are by the rowdiest of the three fan bases.  Yep, the drunken Sconnies know how to drink and they like to get in your face.  Maybe they get their potty mouths from their quarterback Aaron Rodgers?  Here's a prime example.

He'll probably be the Minnesota Vikings quarterback someday when he turns 40, so I figured I'd better show all you Viking fans what we'll be getting.  After scoring a touchdown late in the second half of the game in Chicago, Rodgers turned to the crowd with a message.  A message that was loud enough to go over National TV.  Please keep in mind, this is NOT safe for work, so make sure your volume is turned down a bit.  Here's what he had to say to the Bears faithful.

"I've owned you, all my bleepin' life, I still own you!"  I wonder if Fox will be paying any fines to the FCC for that outburst?  One thing that is accurate.  Rodgers does own the Bears.  He's beaten them 5 straight games and is 21-5 all-time against Chicago.  Tough to argue with him on the topic.

The question is, how do you feel about an NFL quarterback behaving this way?  I guess when I played football after you scored a touchdown you dropped the ball and acted like you had been in the endzone before.   Maybe I'm just old.  What do you think?  Classless or cool?

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