The full-on holiday season is basically here, and most of us are about to be inundated with out-of-town family. There will be tons of parties to keep you busy some of the time, but if you're like me, there will be times when you are working and your family will need something to do. If they've been out of town for a while, they might not know about some of the new things around town.

You might want to keep this list handy for when you're working or if you need to send your family out of the house so you can get some alone time:

White House Cafe: Located at 117 N 5th street in Bismarck.  This has all your German favorite dishes and awesome sandwiches as well.  Our German heritage is well displayed in this hometown cafe.

Laughing Sun's Brewery: Located at 1023 East Front Bismarck.  The Bismarck Brewery and Taproom features a restaurant, a full lineup of our craft brews, a stage for live music, and a large patio.  Very cool vibe in this place.

North Dakota Heritage Center & State Museum:  Located at 612 East Boulevard Bismarck.  North Dakota’s largest museum features four museum galleries tracing the state’s rich history from its earliest geologic formation 600 million years ago to today.

Humpback Sally's Bar:  Located on 4411 510 East Main Bismarck.  The Secret Door That Takes You To The Best Little Speakeasy In North Dakota, This is the delicious Humpback Sally's restaurant... and some secrets. Humpback Sally's is known for being a small plates tavern, serving many small selections of delicious, unique food.

Bismarck Bobcats hockey game:  Located at:  1200 N. Washington Street.  NAHL hockey at it's finest.  Not only are the Bobcats good this year, they really make it a production at all their games.  You would swear you were at a UND Fighting Hawks game in Grand Forks-minus the Ralph.

Steve Santini
Steve Santini



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