Hennepin County, Minnesota - population of around 1,267 people - one of which proudly wears a crown

Hennepin County, as of back in 2020, was the 34th most popular county in the United States - that's the census Wikipedia.org reported - one such individual that is from there, as of present-day ( December 16th, 2022 ) is quite special in many ways. For one, she owns a crown now that she can wear from time to time while representing Minnesota - Her name is Rachel Evangelisto, and she was crowned back in June of this year - She has made Minnesota proud, AND accomplished something that no other Minnesota contestant has ever done.

This Thursday she will set forth representing her county, State, and tribe

That's right, according to mprnews.org "Rachel Evangelisto is the first-ever Indigenous Miss Minnesota, a member of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe. Thursday night she'll compete for the title of Miss America; you can watch the Miss America Pageant at 7 p.m. Central."  This young lady has a Bachelor of Political Science/Pre-Law from the University of Minnesota. Her goal in life is to one day be in future courtrooms to help Indigenous youth and families. Rachel has been looking forward to this Thursday since she was in her early teens - this of course is such a competitive event, women all over the country grow up dreaming about their opportunity to wear the crown, and for Rachel "So for me to now be the first Native American woman within this role, it's huge because I know the difference it would have made to me as a little girl" mprnews.org added. Good luck! We are all rooting for you!


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