North Dakota gets a bad rap sometimes.

While I was growing up in Grand Forks, North Dakota it seemed like all my friends couldn't wait to leave North Dakota.  Sure enough, the majority of them did indeed move away from the state.  I did too for two long years and all I could think of while I was living in California was, "How do I get back to North Dakota?"

Luckily for me,  I found my way back to this great state.  Eventually, all of my family even moved away from North Dakota.  I couldn't imagine living in any place else.

Apparently, I'm not the only one.  According to an article by TOP Agency, based on the analysis of 76 metrics organized into 8 key indicators of satisfaction and happiness, which include affordability, education, safety, economy, job opportunity, healthcare, infrastructure, and quality of life.  After all of that was mixed together, North Dakota ranked number 6 as 2022's Best States to Live in the nation.

6th best overall in the country.  Not too shabby North Dakota.  Maybe all my relatives got it wrong and I got it right?

Here's how it broke down in each of the categories measured:

#6: Overall

#5: Affordability

#27: Crime & Safety

#4: Economy

#7: Education

#31: Healthcare

#20: Infrastructure

#31: Quality of Life

#4: Job Opportunity

So, how about our neighboring states? 

Only South Dakota is slightly ahead of us at number 3.  Montana comes in at number 18 and Minnesota slides in at number 22.  Wyoming nabs the number one spot in the entire country.  Louisiana is dead last and the worst state to live in according to this study.



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