Who knew they even had such a thing?  Is the internet great or what?  The 2021 Mosquito forecast for North Dakota is out and here's what we can expect.  According to an article on pests.org, North Dakota in the Midwest region can expect a 50 percent chance of a warmer and wetter summer, according to the National Weather Service.  When it's warm and wet, you can expect Mosquitos to follow suite.  The forecast is for a slightly above average Mosquito population.

Mosquito season usually begins in May in North Dakota or when the temperature rises above 50 degrees at night for a week straight.  Mosquitos were certainly not an issue for us last summer.  We had a very dry summer, with virtually no rain or thunderstorms.  Very ironic, because the summer of 2019 was one of our wettest on record in Bismarck.  Talk about going from one extreme to the other.  The Mosquito season in general is considerably shorter than most of the country.  It typically runs from May to September.

I'm just curious if pests.org is aware that North Dakota is drier than it's been in 40 years?  According to the Farmers Almanac, North Dakota does have the potential for some rain in April, but I wouldn't count on it.  They've been talking about rain every week for the last month, only to have it taken out of the forecast when we hit that week.  Same thing has happened for this week again.

I'm not a mosquito expert, but living in North Dakota most of my life has taught me one thing.  No moisture, no insects, including mosquitos.  I myself, would gladly put up with a few mosquitos if it meant some rain.


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