Always depends on what kind of mood you are in

If you are sitting down to watch one of the movies you own, make sure you make your mindset is ready to either laugh or cry. Because I know you may have a favorite in your collection that will draw out your tears.

What exactly stirs up your emotions?

. On one of my BROMO BILLBOARD Facebook posts recently, I asked what movies made you tear up - Bill in Mandan said RUDY, Scott in Bismarck said any movies that eventually end with a dog dying, always gets him going. I also noticed that several people here in Bismarck/Mandan (myself included) are drawn to sports movies, Steve in Mandan especially made sure to tell me that 'Field of Dreams" always gets him.

Here are some of my favorites

My favorites are on here - One or two of them will cause other people to poke fun of you (if they know you watched it). Macho men can plead the 5th, and deny ever taking the time to CRY during THE NOTEBOOK. A normal bit of warning, however, you will see a scene or two that will recreate an event in your life that you have experienced REAL PAIN - So prepare yourself fully before engaging in any of these classic movies. At the end of this gallery is a scene from Brian's Song.

Here is a list of movies That WILL make you cry


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