The title of this article brings good news, that's for sure

One of the reasons why Walmart is so popular, all around the country, is because they have almost everything you need. From groceries to electronics, get new tires for your car, clothes shopping, and yes, they have toys for your kids. Of course, when you go with the idea of buying something fun for your children, it's always a given that the items will be safe and harmless right?

A toy that was meant to teach learning, love, and joy

Recently a toy that Walmart was carrying has been yanked from their shelves. According to "When an Ontario grandmother brought an “educational toy” home from Walmart, she was shocked to find the cactus plushie swearing and singing songs about coke—no, not the drink, but the drug" Here is a sample of the dancing cactus toy doing his or her routine.

I called both of our Walmart stores here in Bismarck, and Mandan. Thankfully I got great news

Yes, I called both of our Walmart stores and the people I talked to told me they had never heard of this controversial cacti. A woman bought this toy for her granddaughter, the toy sings songs in three different languages - English, Spanish and Polish. The grandmother heard the songs talking about drug abuse, profanities, and sings of matters dealing with depression. Not something you want to have around the house when your granddaughter is listening to every word. added "Walmart said it was removing the item from its shelves till it finishes an ongoing investigation into the matter" So let's just hope we never see one of these dancing potty mouths pottery toys here in BisMan..



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