People living in Lincoln are going to be asked to use an alternative route for northbound Yegen road at the intersection of Lincoln road beginning this Friday, September 10th.  Crews will be repairing the road around the airport wetland project.  Find out more about the airport wetland project story here.

Rick Rider
Rick Rider

Now, before you begin to freak out, the entire stretch of Yegen Road will not be closed.  According to a phone conversation with the Bismarck City Engineering Department,  only a small area between the Lincoln Road intersection north, until you hit Hagen Road will be closed to traffic.  You can expect this stretch to be closed until Thursday, September 16th.

The good news is, you will still be able to use Yegen Road at the intersection of Lincoln Road going south and west over to University.  That will remain open.  Big sigh of relief, as that is how I get to work everyday.  Those of you in Lincoln will need to take 66th street to get out of the city if you need to head to a northbound destination for the next week beginning on Friday.

Yegen Road will still be accessible at the intersection of Bismarck Expressway going south until you hit Hagen Avenue.  So, only a real small stretch of the road will be closed, and only for a week.

A little bit of inconvenience, but thankfully the road construction season will be winding down soon, before we do it all over again next spring.


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