Listen to win tickets to all the big country shows at the North Dakota State Fair in Minot all this week on US 103.3!  We are your Country Concert Leader and we've got the most tickets to give away!  Including Tim McGraw!


I had the pleasure of meeting Tim a couple of years back and his lovely wife Faith Hill!  It's the only backstage I've ever been to where I felt like "well, I should probably go now."  Tim was very chatty and wanted to know everything about North Dakota.  He was so real and besides working out, he really love to hunt!  I gave him my card and he wants to line up a pheasant hunt one of these days in North Dakota.  How would you like Tim McGraw hunting on your land?  Of course, you'll have to let me hunt as well!

Keep it on US 103.3 all this week to win your tickets to see Tim McGraw and all the rest at the North Dakota State Fair in Minot!  We are your Country Concert Leader!

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